Brand Values

Quality | Authenticity | Transparency | Timeless Design | Cultural Relevance | Collaborative Spirit


Artisan Partners

We partner with extremely skilled artisans in Kenya and Tanzania. Every part of our supply chain is important to us, and we are very proud that all of our materials, from the brass hardware to the leather are both locally and ethically sourced. No animals were harmed or killed for fashion, as we only use leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry, an integral part of the local economy. We partner with local tanneries in Nairobi who pay their workers fairly as well. Because of this, we often end up paying more for leather than other companies, but this is something we feel very strongly about!


When designing our bags, I am so inspired by the Serengeti. The patterns in nature, textures, and colors are all intertwined in our designs. I love the cyclical nature of the Serengeti, moving from the rainy season, to the dry season, and back again. There is so much beauty in the changing of seasons in life and it is displayed so exquisitely in the Serengeti. With that being said, I am also incredibly inspired by women who are courageously owning their story and who are lifting others while doing so. As the African Proverb so wisely states, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


class 6 girls.jpg


This journey started when I taught in Arusha, Tanzania. These sweet young ladies are some of the students from that school. Their faces and stories are forever etched in my mind, much like the faces and stories of my students from teaching here in the States. Education has been such a huge part of my story and the inequality (racial and gender) in education is probably the injustice I am most passionate about. Because of that, we are partnering with organizations that are working to provide access to education and basic needs in the regions in which we work.