The Sustainability of Brass

brass jewelry recycled

It seems like every day there are new facts about the damage we humans are doing to our planet. The fashion industry is one of the largest culprits of waste and pollution, coming in second to the oil industry. Additionally, it has been reported that nearly 20% of the world’s water waste is produced by the fashion industry (most often for denim and textile production). As a fashion brand, it is very important to us to continuously learn how we can reduce our waste as much as possible. So on this Earth Day, we have some good news to share with you in the face of those worrisome statistics!

Brass Is Sustainable!

Did you know that nearly 90% of brass worldwide is recycled? How cool is that?! Brass is a metal alloy, made up of copper and zinc and it has been around for centuries - dating back to about 500 BC and is even mentioned multiple times in the Bible. We use solid brass for all of our jewelry (rather than plated) so you can be assured your pieces will last as heirlooms!

Reasons we love brass:

  • It’s sustainable

  • It’s durable

  • It’s beautiful!

  • It’s affordable

Repurposing, reusing, or recycling materials is one of the best ways we can reduce waste. Whether you buy secondhand, bring your reusable mug to Starbucks, or purchase products, like brass, made from recycled materials, you are making our world a better place. If we all do something small, those small things multiplied by thousands or even millions add up to something big. Happy Earth Day!

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