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made in Kenya and Tanzania

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Handcrafted in Kenya and Tanzania,
Made for the modern woman.

Women should have the freedom to be themselves and live their stories courageously. So we designed our pieces for the versatile lifestyle of the modern woman. We work with artisans in East Africa to create handcrafted, luxury handbags, inspired by the natural and timeless beauty of the Serengeti.

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The Rainy Season Collection

In East Africa, the seasons are marked by the rain, or lack thereof. There is a rainy season and a dry season. Both are beautiful in their own way, and our seasonal collections are inspired by these contrasts. The rainy season in East Africa is marked by rich colors, fullness, life, and abundance. In this collection, youโ€™ll find rich leather, deep colors, cow hair textures, and elegant, tone-on-tone beadwork.

Karibu Sana ~ You are most welcome here!


Introducing: The Rainy Season Collection


Beautifully Unique

Each of our bags are beautifully unique, much like the women who carry them. We use ethically-sourced, Kenyan, Maasai cow leather to construct our beautiful designs. We are very choosy about our leather, and any marks you may see are evidence of life. Each bag is truly one-of-a-kind, and just like in our own lives, the things that make us unique are often the most beautiful!


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