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10 Things I'm Wearing in September

10 Things I'm Wearing in September

Here are 10 things I'll be wearing in September. Some of these items are new, but most are not. Just a reminder that you don't always have to buy new pieces because investing in quality will serve you better in the long run.

Depending on where you live, September is usually still a warm month - so we're not all the way to chunky sweaters but we're still feeling like getting into the fall mood.

1. Maxi Dress: I love maxi dresses because it's a one and done outfit. I'll be wearing this one from Mirth belted to my sister's bridal shower with heels, but I'll also be wearing it with these New Balances and these Ons without a belt for a more casual look). This is another good one for fall. 

2. A button up: these are staples in my closet for most of the year. I love this Alex Mill striped one, this Able oversized white one, and I love the fit and feel of these LMNDs too.

3. Black long sleeve: a long sleeve shirt that will go with any pants/shorts/skirt in your closet. This one from Buck Mason is my new favorite - so soft, made from natural fibers and a really good price.

4. Flats: These Mary Janes are a great transition shoe and gives the little color pop that I'm craving. I have them in red (can't wait to wear them with my Mocha Sling Bag), but love them in navy too. If I was a ballet flat person, I'd for sure get these Freda Salvadors. 

5. Birkenstock Clogs: These are the best. I have them in taupe, but all four of these colors are really good.

6. Jumpsuit: Similar to the maxi dress, jumpsuits are great because they are one and done. Vincent James is not making the one I have anymore, but I think this one from Alex Mill is really cute.

7. Layering Tank: I love my V-Neck Tank from Vincent James. This one is another good one that I wear a lot. 

8. Dark denim: This time of year I'm ready for a darker wash denim and I really like the fit of these St. Agnis.

9. Wide leg denim: I love having a pair of jeans that are more relaxed, but still feel special. These from Tibi are really incredible feeling. I just got them and am excited to play around with them!

10. Cardigan: My Babaa cardigan is constantly in the rotation. It's just the best. This one is similar and slightly more affordable.

BONUS: A Mocha Sling or Sisal - so good with everything on this list and the perfect color to take you into fall!

Think of all the looks you can create with just these 10 pieces!


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