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Brand Values

Abby Alley

Who We Are

We are a brand that believes in people over product. We love fashion and believe it is a beautiful way to express ourselves, but our brand is not simply about products. We believe in partnership, collaboration, a sustainable lifestyle, progress over perfect, and always striving to know more and do better.
For us, our products represent the world we want to live in and the selves we want to be. A little bit slower, more thoughtful, intentional, high quality, meaningful, and timelessly beautiful...a beauty not measured by anyone else's standards but our own.
We choose to work with our partners in East Africa because we value their craftsmanship, commitment to ethical practices, and our desire to be a globally-minded and socially responsible fashion brand.
Abby Alley

Who You Are

You're fashionable. You're socially conscious. You love to travel, care about wellness, and want to do good.
You shop at local boutiques because you want well-made, intentional design, and love the experience of discovery. You also don't mind a little luxury. ;)
You're on the journey with things like sustainability and ethical fashion, but like us, you are all about balance and growth.
We get you, and we're here to bring you timeless design, luxe quality, and products that empower social entrepreneurs across the globe.
Abby Alley

Brand Values

Authenticity | Collaboration | Quality | Sustainability | Timelessness | Transparency 


In a culture of comparison, we strive to stay true to ourselves, and encourage you to do the same. We are a brand with an American founder and designer working with makers in East Africa. Those complex, dual identities inform everything we do.


Not only does this mean that we collaborate from within, but that means we welcome and seek out diverse voices. We are a brand that values learning from people who are different than us, working with people who are different from us, and believe we are at our collective best when we are in diverse communities.


We strive to provide you the highest quality products both by utilizing quality materials as well as by working with artisans who are experts at their craft. We want your AA pieces to last.


We strive to look at our approach to business through the lens of sustainability. We believe that starts with how we treat people and is followed up with how we treat the planet. Following fair trade principles, engaging in issues of justice locally and globally, and intentional choice of materials are all part of this practice.


In addition to your pieces standing the test of time in terms of quality, we also strive to bring you pieces that transcend trends. As sustainability is ever on our minds, we want you to love our pieces for years rather than having to constantly replace them.


In everything we do, we strive to run our business with as much transparency as possible. We can only do better if we know better, and we can only know better if we’re honest about how we do things.


Abby Alley handmade jewelry

Artisan Partners

We partner with extremely skilled artisans in Kenya and Tanzania. Every part of our supply chain is important to us, and we are very proud that all of our materials, from the brass hardware to the leather are both locally and ethically sourced. No animals were harmed or killed for fashion, as we only use leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry, an integral part of the local economy. We partner with local tanneries in Nairobi who pay their workers fairly as well. Because of this, we often end up paying more for leather than other companies, but this is something we feel very strongly about!