Our Story – ABBY ALLEY

About Abby, Founder

Abby is an educator turned entrepreneur when her journey took to Tanzania to volunteer at a local primary school. This experience led her to explore East African culture, learn about craft and fair trade, and opened up a desire to connect women in the US to this very meaningful part of her story. In 2016, Abby began working with artisans and testing the market with an online store and launched her own brand, Abby Alley, in November, 2018. 

The collections of jewelry and leather bags reflect the Abby founding principles of exceptional quality, timeless design, collaborative spirit, and authenticity. 

Starting this business was a leap of faith for Abby - one that required courage to step outside her comfort zone. It is her desire to inspire and encourage women who are seeking to live a life full of courage - daring to step out - even in the midst of uncertainty.