Product Care – ABBY ALLEY

About Your Brass Jewelry

Did you know almost 90% of the world's brass is recycled? All of the brass we use is locally sourced by our artisan partners in Kenya. It is a metal alloy of copper and zinc - a sustainable and durable option for jewelry. As natural materials do, brass will develop a patina over time, but can always be brought back to its original shine. 

To polish your brass, you can use the polishing cloth included in your order. Another great option is Brasso. If you'd like to DIY a cleaning solution, mix lemon juice and baking soda into a paste. Rub onto the surface of the jewelry with a cloth. Then gently rinse and buff dry with a clean cloth.

To keep your brass in tip top shape, remove jewelry before exercise, showering, or before sleeping, and store it jewelry in the cloth bag it came in away from extreme heat or moisture. 


About your Leather Bag

Our Kenyan pull up leather is a classic leather that ages beautifully. Our leather is sourced locally by our partners in Kenya and is a by-product of the meat industry. We use vegetable tanned leather as much as possible, as it is produced by using natural tannins. Read more about that here.

To spot clean your bag, use a damp cloth to rub saddle soap into the leather and work soap into a lather. Wipe away lather and allow to air dry. Then, oil leather with a leather preservative such as mink oil. Let water spills dry out naturally. High-heat will dry out the leather. 

Leather Honey is also a great product for removing dirt from the surface. 

If you'd like to protect your caramel suede, we've used this one. Hold 8" away from your bag to get an even spray. 



Oh, Hey There!

Meet the Team

We are a small, but mighty team at Abby Alley! I (Abby) take on several roles as the founder and visionary for the brand, from designing our products to developing and executing our sales and marketing strategy. I write all of our emails and am the person on Instagram (feel free to say hi!).

Heather leads the way managing inventory, packing up your orders, and receiving all of our incoming product from Kenya. She's also the only reason the plant in our studio stays alive!

Heather and I connected over our mutual love of ethical, luxury goods and the drive to empower women in business and life. I’m so grateful she’s part of the team!