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A Photo Shoot in Arusha

A Photo Shoot in Arusha

While I was staying in Arusha for three weeks in April, I shot our Oyster Sling Bag and Big Sling and Sisal Market Tote. One of the best parts of my job is creating photo shoots that will showcase our products beautifully. But in this shoot, I also wanted to show some of the beauty of Arusha, a place that is so near to my heart. Photos captured by Eliza Powell, who does the most lovely photography. 

Our first location was on the road leading in to my Air B&B, which is situated in the midst of a gorgeous coffee farm. Tanzanian coffee is delicious!

April is known to be the rainy reason in Arusha, so everything is lush and green. The morning we shot, it had poured all night and into the morning. This road was covered in mud puddles, so much so I wasn't sure if we were going to have to cancel. Just an hour or so after the rain stopped, the sun dried it almost completely! 

This is one of the cottages on my Air B&B estate. I love the traditional Tanzanian decor and feel. Each corner tells a story - nearly everything is handmade. 

In Arusha, you don't have to walk too far to find a beautiful backdrop. Palm trees, gorgeous dirt roads, and blue skies are all you need. 

The markets in Arusha are absolutely gorgeous. The colorful fruits and vegetables against the gorgeous fabrics worn by women is stunning. This little market is quieter and tucked away, but has some of the best produce in the city...as you can see it was almost all gone by the time we got there! All locally grown, of course. 

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  • These pictures of you in Arusha are so great! It makes me want to be there! With my awesome Abby Alley sling bag of course! Thanks for showing us where you get your inspiration!

  • So beautiful. I love it.

    Rahel Mwitula Williams
  • Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! Abby, you look fabulous, too! I am trying to decide what color I want for a sling bag…..

    Kathy Lowell

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