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Core Collection Style Philosophy

Core Collection Style Philosophy

Although trends come and go and fashion is always evolving, good style is always good style. And knowing your style is the key to building a wardrobe you love. I believe it is always better to invest in quality over quantity - both for your sanity and for the environment.

Any great wardrobe is built upon foundational pieces. I think of these pieces as the things I can count on to work every time I put them on. My Mara Hoffman denim or my Ryan Roche cashmere sweater, for example. I always feel good. I always feel like me. And these pieces give me freedom to be creative when I want to be creative and freedom to not have to make ten decisions before I've had my morning coffee.  


Just as in your closet, your in jewelry box and accessories drawer, you have your "go-tos" - pieces that always work no matter the season or your mood. Our Core Collection are meant to serve as these pieces for you. The perfect hoop, the necklace that works with everything, the rings you love year after year. 


The seven pieces in this year's Core Collection will allow you to throw on the hoops and walk out the door with whatever you're wearing, they will elevate a casual look, add timeless style to a dressier look, and if you have a statement necklace or bold sweater, you can pair these pieces with them and feel balanced. The seven pieces I chose work really well worn together, and they also will work with other pieces in your jewelry box. 


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