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A Photo Shoot in Arusha

While I was staying in Arusha for three weeks in April, I shot our Oyster Sling Bag and Big Sling and Sisal Market Tote. One of the best parts of my job is creating photo shoots that will showcase ...
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Big Sky Travel Tips

My sister Hilary and I just got back from Big Sky and it was truly magical. It was my first time in Big Sky and my first time in Montana, and I definitely want to come back! Below is our trip iti...
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Transitioning to Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Getting dressed in March and April can be tricky, especially if you live in a climate similar to Chicago's. A lot of days in the 40s and lots of rainy slush make spring clothes feel hard to wear ev...
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Tanzania Travel Guide and Safari Tips

Every time I travel to East Africa, I get people asking how they can plan their own trips there, especially when it comes to going on safari. I have so much to say on this topic, so I definitely wo...
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Core Collection Style Philosophy

Although trends come and go and fashion is always evolving, good style is always good style. And knowing your style is the key to building a wardrobe you love. I believe it is always better to inv...
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Looking at Our Impact

I'm in Nairobi, Kenya, visiting my partners and one of the things I've been thinking a lot about is impact. How do you measure your impact? In the car on the way home from a meeting, my business p...
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My 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

I love giving gifts. I love hunting for the perfect something special that will make my friend or family member smile. And I love giving gifts that have a story and purpose. For my gift guide this ...
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October Capsule Recap

Today is the last day of October and I want to share some thoughts on capsules as I look back on what I learned this month. I thought 31 pieces would be limiting, but I ended up only wearing 25 of ...
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