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Core Collection

Core Collection

The Core Collection was created out of my desire for both structure and freedom in my life, business, and closet. My creativity flourishes when I know the system or boundaries I'm working within. And I think a lot of people are the same. 

I don’t need 100 pairs of earrings to choose from, but I do need more than two.

We’ve all known the feeling of staring into our closets looking at it bulging at the seams, yet thinking to ourselves, “I have nothing to wear.”

Sometimes too much is too much. If we’re honest, we wear about 20% of what we own about 80% of the time. The 14 pieces in this Core Collection are meant to serve as the foundation of your jewelry box. If you only had 14 pieces of jewelry, I’m confident you’d be all set for 90% of your life’s needs.

Over the past few years I've been immersed in fashion like no other time in my life, and I’ve been forced to consider my personal style in new ways. I look forward to sharing some of my discoveries with you. Hopefully you will find it helpful and thought provoking.

To quote Oprah, the one thing I know for sure is what we choose to wear is highly personal. In a world with literally a billion choices, your choice to shop with AA is not lost on me. And I have to think it’s because we share similar values.

I hope the pieces in our Core Collection become the core of your closet - or at least jewelry box. Each piece was designed and selected for this collection intentionally to play a role, solve a problem, and remind you how unique and amazing you are.


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