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Branding Refresh

Branding Refresh

Every so often it’s important to take time to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you are going. 

Over the past few years we have accomplished a lot together. Abby Alley has launched new collections and product lines and not only survived a pandemic but grown throughout, shipping to customers in all 50 states. Our orders with our partners in East Africa are growing and those partnerships are stronger than ever.

As a former teacher and athlete, I know firsthand that growth is not a straight trajectory. There are plateaus, steep climbs, setbacks, and times where everything seems to be working. Over the past several months, I have felt like AA is ready to grow, and in order to do that, I needed to focus on what  Abby Alley is aiming to do and why we’re doing it.

So let’s start with the what.

Abby Alley is committed to creating beautiful, modern, ethically made, pieces for your everyday life. Each product is intentionally designed and handmade with love by our partners in East Africa.

When you come to our website, I want you to feel confident in our products: in style, in quality, and in ethics. And when you wear our pieces, I want you to feel like your wonderful self - and also connected to a community of people around the world who believe fashion is a means to make positive change.

Which brings me to the why.

Fashion is more than things. It is how we express ourselves and our values, and it can be a vehicle for positive change in the world.

What is so cool about what we have built at Abby Alley is the diversity of our community. We have customers from all over the country, some in large cities and others in small towns. We have customers who are doing all kinds of things with their days - saving lives at hospitals, coaching, teaching, designing, raising children, babysitting grandchildren, volunteering, traveling, accounting, and the list goes on. I love that even though our lifestyles look different, we have a similar mindset about style and, by extension, life.

Let me explain.

Abby Alley and our customers live a balanced life. We crave sweet spot between function and art, the aspirational and the attainable, being comfortable and taking risks, and honoring the past while moving forward. We’re about being open to possibility - in our lives and how we express ourselves through fashion.

This mindset is also about caring for the collective whole. The Abby Alley community wants to know where our products are coming from and how they were made. And we’re tired of going to stores who drop 1000 new styles a week. How can that be good for anyone or the environment?

We're all about redefining luxury. Not the kind that costs you a month's rent for the name brand, but the kind that has lasting meaning because of the hands that made it.

It’s about knowing that we are connected to something bigger than ourselves.

I hope you love the refresh to our brand and our reinvigorated vision!

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