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Earrings Are Problem Solvers

Earrings Are Problem Solvers

As we're in the midst of launching The Earring Club I thought I would tell you a little bit more about the role earrings can play in your wardrobe.

Everything in your closet has a role to play within an outfit, similar to an ensemble cast. There is the lead/ focal point, the supporting cast, and then there are those roles that have the ability to change the mood. Any category (pants, shoes, earrings, top) can be play any one of these roles.

When I'm getting dressed in the morning, I prefer to make as few decisions as possible. The majority of the time I'm going to wear some combination of denim and depending on the season either a sweater, button down, or tank/t-shirt. I like to play with proportion and texture here, keeping it interesting.

But accessories, and specifically shoes, bags, and earrings for me, are what pull it all together. And since earrings are generally the least expensive and take up the least about of real estate in my closet, they are the item I feel I can have the most of and change out the most.

So here's how earrings can solve problems. I'm going to show you some examples of outfits I pulled from Pinterest. 

In these two photos, both women are wearing similar outfits, but you can see with some styling how the larger hoop elevates the look and the smaller earrings take it down a notch. Not in a bad way - both outfits are great. Just depends on what your day holds.



In these two photos, a very similar earring style is doing two different things. In the first image, the earrings pull together a very elevated, sophisticated, conservative look, perhaps for work. Everything is minimal, but beautiful. In the second photo, the earrings are bringing up a very casual look - turning it up a notch, so to speak. 


Tracee Ellis Ross is wearing show-stopping earrings - meant to be the focal point of her look. Her dress is obviously gorgeous, but it is neutral and simple and the earrings really bring it to another level. 

Finally, in these two images, you can see how the earrings give an element of irony or playfulness to very classic outfits. Put in gold studs with either outfit and you have a very different vibe. All are good - just depends on your mood and your day and what feels good!

The point is, earrings can really do a lot for an outfit. If you haven't already, join our Earring Club to get a new pair of earrings every month for only $38 per month. You're going to get a mix of shapes and sizes, all within our vibe of modern, classic, elevated.

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