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10 Things for November

10 Things for November

1. A Brown Sweater

Brown is definitely the color this fall and this is the sweater I get asked about the most. It's fabulous. Size down. I love this one when I am in the mood for a v-neck. It's also a little less bulky. I also love this one - a bit more of a camel/caramel color. Truly an heirloom piece. 

2. Cozy Socks

I live in these Cloud Socks when it's cold. And these are some of the most comfortable pair of socks I've ever owned...and super cute.

3. Brow Gel

This has nothing to do with November, but I just starting using this brow gel (I'm a first time brow gel user) and I think it's really nice!

4. A new candle

It's candle season. My absolute favorite candles are Tatine. I'm not a candle person persay, but these are phenomenal. My favorite scent is Kashmir. Fun fact - their studio is in the same building as ours!

5. Outerwear

Depending on where you live, it's time to break out the heavier outerwear. Having a warm wool coat to trade off with a puffy coat is a really nice option. This is my wool coat that I love, from a fellow Chicago small business. Full disclosure, I got a bit of a discount. This one is also a really beautiful option and a little more affordable. 

6. Boots

I just ordered these and I cannot wait to get them. They are also so good in the suede. If you're looking for something more weather friendly, try these (also love the bone color).

7. Thatch Necklace

Also nothing to do with November, but I was just in San Diego and visited the Thatch Jewelry studio. I got this necklace and am loving it!

8. Shearling

It's nearly shearling season, which means I get to pull out my No.6 shearling clog boots. They are so cozy and warm! These are also a really cute option!

9. Turtlenecks

I love a good turtleneck. Just tucked in with jeans or under a dress or under a button down...so many ways to style them and keep warm. These are my go-to for basic everyday, soft and easy. And this one is super chic for wearing on its own. Could be dressed up or down. If you're looking for more of a turtleneck chunky sweater, I love this one

10. Ornaments

As my sister Hannah says, Christmas starts November 1st. So if you're thinking about ornaments or holiday decor, I have three shops to recommend that always have the cutest handmade items: Mango + Main, The Mustard Seed Marketplace, and Driftless Style. I'm not sure if they have their holiday wares up yet, but bookmark these shops to come back to!

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