The Abby Alley 2023 Holiday Gift Guide – ABBY ALLEY

The Abby Alley 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

The Abby Alley 2023 Holiday Gift Guide


It's that time of year again and before everyone is swept away with the season, I wanted to share my approach for shopping for gifts to help make it easy on you!

I'm going to break down this gift guide by type of recipient and share a couple ideas for that person in your life. 

1. Someone super close to you like a mom, daughter, or sister. Someone you want to spend over $200 on. (Or maybe you're forwarding this to your husband/wife/partner to give them a little hint.)

+ Sling Bag or Big Sling - they are our best sellers for a reason! If you're debating which color to pick, you really can't go wrong, as we've selected really good neutral colors that will work all year round.

+ Earring Club Subscription - You can cancel this subscription any time you'd like, so can do 6 months or a whole year.

+ The Tote Bag - for the splurge!


2. A good friend. Someone who is a constant in your life, but you'd like to show you care without breaking the bank. ;)

+ Necklace Bar - choose your 14k gold filled chain length and the pendant that suits the recipient best.

+ Earring Club Subscription 3 months - 3 pairs of earrings over 3 months. You can cancel the subscription at any time. 


3. The Snowbird (also anyone who lives in a warm climate)

+ Sisal Market Tote - the perfect beach, farmer's market, or everyday tote.

+ Oversized Sisal Tote - such a great bag for the beach if you're carrying towels and toys for little ones. It could also be a decorative basket in a beach house, storing blankets or towels or organizing toys & games. Endless uses!


4. Your neighbor, hairdresser, dog walker or someone you appreciate.

+ Everyday Hoops - super practical and thoughtful, and will appeal to just about anyone

+ Twisted Earrings - a little more unique, but still really minimal and beautiful 


5. Secret Santa (under $50)

+ Cylinder Studs - who doesn't like studs?


6. Hostess Gift

+ Bakuli Bowl - put a bar of soap or bag of candies inside and tie with a ribbon!


7. Unique Gift

Hairpin - a really beautiful, timeless piece for anyone with long hair


Disclaimer: I didn't include any rings or bracelets on this guide because sometimes people find sizing to be a challenge. That said, our rings and bracelets are amazing and if you need any help on sizing, please reach out to me!


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