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My Top 10 Travel Hacks

My Top 10 Travel Hacks

I'm heading back to Kenya next week and was making a packing list and thought I'd share some of my tried and true travel hacks...especially when it comes to long international flights!

1. Sling Bag: I know I'm biased, but I don't know what I'd do without my Sling Bag, especially when I'm traveling. It holds all of my essentials in the airport (and while I'm out adventuring), keeps me hands free and looking put together. 

2. Pouches: I love to keep my carry-on organized on long flights so I'm not digging through my bag looking for things. I usually have one "technology pouch" with my headphones and chargers and one "self-care pouch" with my hand lotion, hand sanitizer, chapstick, and any meds/supplements I might be taking. I love these Mirth pouches!

3. Eye Mask: A silk eye mask is a must. Silk keeps your skin as hydrated as possible. I have one from Echo Vie - I also wear their silk scrunchies. 

4. Compression Socks: I started wearing these last year on long flights and I'm a fan. I wear them mostly to prevent varicose veins, but I figure, if I'm going to wear socks on the plane, they might as well be these. And they're pretty cute too!

5. $15 Sunglasses: I know these aren't exactly for the flight, but who wants to be stressed about losing expensive sunglasses while traveling? I love these because I put them right in my Sling Bag without a case and don't worry about it. 

6. Electrolytes: My sister got me hooked on Liquid IV and now I bring them on with me on travel days. It's the easiest way to stay hydrated!

7. Packing Cubes: My other sister got me started on these! I have Away suitcases so I got the Away packing cubes since they're designed to fit their suitcases, but I'm sure any will work just as well.

8. Birkenstocks: I've been wearing these Birkenstock clogs on flights for the past couple years and I'm not stopping any time soon. I love that I can slide them on and off, my feet have room to move around, and they stay warm because I always wear socks. 

9. Sunscreen: This is my favorite sunscreen and I also have it in the Glowscreen, which gives just a little shimmery tint in addition to the protection.

10. Packable Tote: I love that our Sisal Market Totes can fold up into any suitcase. Perfect for any warm weather trip!

What are your favorite travel hacks? I'd love to hear!

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