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Are Red Accessories Trend Proof?

Are Red Accessories Trend Proof?

In case you missed it, red accessories are everywhere. From socks to shoes to hats to handbags, red is the color right now. But how can you tell if a trend is worth trying? If you're like me and subscribe to the less is more/ quality over quantity motto, you have to be discerning when it comes to translating trends into your wardrobe.

I love the pop of red on occasion - it feels happy and playful and I'm into that right now. But I'm not going crazy with it. I bought these socks that I love wearing with clogs and these Mary Janes that feel the right amount of relaxed and styled (if I was a ballet flat gal, I'd get these) and then of course I'm wearing our Bordeaux Sling Bag a ton. 

The items you choose to put in your wardrobe are tools to utilize while creating outfits, so when purchasing something new, you have to know what role the item can play for you. Here are three things to consider before jumping on the red bandwagon:

1. Does this make it harder or easier for me to get dressed? 

If you can think of 3-5 outfits you can wear the piece with, you are on the right track. Sometimes I see a great dress or a pair of shoes that on their own are just gorgeous, but I can't think of how or where I'll wear them and to buy them would just be purely emotional. And sometimes that's ok, but good to be aware of!

2. Will I like this a year from now? 

Let's look at our Bordeaux Sling Bag. We chose to do Bordeaux rather than a cherry red for this exact reason. I know I will love the Bordeaux shade forever. It may ebb and flow how much I gravitate toward it over the span of a decade, but there will never be a time when a deep burgundy/Bordeaux is not "in." It's rich and sophisticated and goes with every neutral on the color wheel, as you can see above on Victoria Beckham. 

3. Can I make this trend my own?

Trends are merely suggestions and it's so important to make sure you still feel like you when you look in the mirror. For example, even though I objectively love them, I didn't get the Freda Salvador Jada Flats because I'm not a ballet flat gal...but I did get the velvet Mary Janes. Both are gorgeous shoes, but one feels more like me. 

I hope that's helpful! How do you decide whether or not a trend is for you?



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