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October 31x31 Capsule Style Challenge

October 31x31 Capsule Style Challenge

 With October just around the corner, it is the perfect time for me to try this capsule wardrobe experiment. I chose 31 pieces because there are 31 days in October, but this isn't a magic number by any means. I originally wanted to include shoes in this number, but couldn't quite squeeze them in. Maybe next month! This also doesn't include coats, workout clothes, pjs/loungewear, jewelry, and bags. I already practice the capsule mentality with my accessories, as I almost exclusively wear my own products. 

I live in Chicago where October can be anywhere from 20 degrees to 70 degrees, so I did my best to choose pieces that could work for all scenarios. But I am going to give myself grace if I have to make any edits and I'll be sure to update you. :)

I've linked everything I could below in case you're looking for anything like these pieces to fill gaps in your closet.

I'm really looking forward to this challenge and seeing if I'm happy with my choices! 


TOPS (11)

Black V-Neck Tank

Gray T-shirt (this is the style I have, but I don't see it in gray anymore)

White V-Neck T-Shirt

Black Short-Sleeved Body Suit

White Button Down Shirt

Beige Button Down Shirt (this is the style I have, but I don't see my color anymore)

Navy and White Striped Long Sleeve

Gray Turtleneck

White Low V-Neck Long Sleeve

Graphic T-Shirt (I chose a black one - I wanted this option for under a blazer or a more casual day)



Distressed Denim

Cropped Denim

Bootcut Denim

Black Denim

Cream Pants

Black Trousers

Olive Cropped Pants (mine are old Tibi)

Black Wide Leg Pants



Black Cashmere

Charcoal Alpaca (I sized down)

Cream Sweater (mine is old Lauren Manoogian)

Cream Cardigan

Black V-Neck (I couldn't find the v-neck, but this one is similar)

Camel Crewneck (this is the style/brand, but I don't see my color)



Sweater Dress (mine is Studio Nicholson but I can't find a link)

Slip Dress

Shirt Dress

Black Maxi Skirt

White Ribbed Midi Skirt







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