October Capsule Days 1-10 – ABBY ALLEY

October Capsule Days 1-10

October Capsule Days 1-10

Here's a recap of what I wore through the first 10 days of my October Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. So far I've worn 14 of the 31 pieces I chose! All of the links to the clothes are on this post and each photo is linked to the reel on Instagram for that outfit. :) 

Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

Day 1: 

B Sides Denim, Vincent James Black Tank, Babba Cardigan, No.6 Clogs, 1.5" Everyday Hoops, Cylinder Pendant Necklace, Latte Sling Bag, Warby Parker Sunnies


Day 2:

Mara Hoffman Denim, Skims bodysuit, Birkenstocks, Vincent James Duster, .5" Everyday Hoops, Black Sling Bag


Day 3: B Sides Denim, Imogene + Willie t-shirt, Zoe Necklace, .5" Everyday Hoops, Olive Sling Bag


Day 4: Agolde Denim, Kule long-sleeve, .5" Everyday Hoops, Zoe Necklace, a beaded necklace I picked up in Tanzania, and Olive Sling Bag


Day 5: Mara Hoffman Denim, A Emery sandals, Vincent James tank, Nordstrom sunnies, Cylinder Pendant Necklace, .5" Everyday Hoops, Latte Sling Bag


Day 6: Vincent James skirt, Skims bodysuit, Babaa cardigan, Everlane sneakers, Nordstrom sunnies, Zoe Necklace, .5" Everyday Hoops, Olive Sling Bag


Day 7: Mara Hoffman Denim, Everlane white v-neck, Vincent James Duster, 1.5" Everyday Hoops, Cylinder Pendant Necklace, Olive Sling Bag


Day 8: B Sides Denim, Jenni Kayne sweater, Uterque boots, Nordstrom sunnies, Zoe Necklace, 1.5" Everyday Hoops, Olive Sling Bag


Day 10: Mara Hoffman skirt, Ryan Roche sweater, Birkenstocks, Cylinder Pendant necklace, Disc Earrings, Sarah Ring, Tan Sling Bag

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  • Day 1
    Day 7
    Day 10 Could not choose just one day that I liked!!!!

    Kathy Lowell

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