October Capsule Days 11-17 – ABBY ALLEY

October Capsule Days 11-17

October Capsule Days 11-17

Here's a recap of what I wore October 11th - October 17th. I took the day off on the 16th to wear loungewear, so there are only six outfits listed below. :) A little over halfway through the month and I've worn 22 of my 31 selections. Lots of repeating! All the clothing is linked here.


Day 11: Na Nin pants, Ryan Roche sweater, Birkenstocks, Black Sling Bag, Sarah Ring, Nordstrom sunglasses


Day 12: Mara Hoffman Denim, Everlane sweater, Everlane blazer, Converse, Latte Sling Bag, Sarah Ring, Zoe Necklace, .5" Everyday Hoops.


Day 13: Studio Nicholson sweater dress, Jenni Kayne sweater, Dr. Martins, Gardenia Sling Bag, Zoe Necklace, Natalie Necklace, and a beaded necklace from Tanzania. 


Day 14: Agolde denim, Lauren Manoogian sweater, Vincent James Duster, Birkenstocks, Gardenia Sling Bag, .5" Everyday Hoops, Nordstrom sunglasses


Day 15: Vincent James pants, oversized sweater (not sure where I got it), No.6 Store boots, Gardenia Sling Bag, Zoe Necklace, .5" Everyday Hoops, Nordstrom sunglasses


Day 17: Same exact outfit as Saturday, but changed the pants to B Sides denim and added my Kule striped shirt for warmth. I changed the Sling Bag color to black to create more of a two-color look. 

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