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The Sling Bag

The Sling Bag

Our signature Sling Bag is being re-released on Tuesday, February 15th in three of our best-selling colors, Black, Tan, and Gardenia.

The Sling Bag has been a customer favorite since its debut and it’s no surprise to me since I use mine every single day. It is truly the hero of my closet.

The function is amazing. Being hands-free is the only way to go, in my opinion. And it fits everything I need for daily life - my phone, keys, lip gloss, card holder, mask, head phones, vaccine card, and I can even get my sunglasses in there if I need to. It’s the best for travel and forces me not to keep a lot of junk in my bag. It’s lightweight. I can turn the zipper toward my body making it completely safe/ secure in any situation. Need I say more?

But for me - function isn’t going to sell me on a bag. I have to love how it looks and how it makes me feel. And the Sling Bag makes me feel really good. It feels chic, cool, chill (no fuss), but special.

The departure from carrying a full collection of bags - multiple styles in multiple colors is a big shift. My goal is to provide you with the very best of the best. Over the past several months I along with our parters in Kenya have done a deep dive on the Sling Bag to see if there were any upgrades we could make that would improve the functionality and/or the aesthetic.

One of the changes we made, which I am really excited about is the option for a longer strap. Everyone will still get two strap lengths with their bag. At checkout you can now choose whether you’d like the shorter strap or the longer strap to come with the standard size strap. I am hopeful that this will make the Sling Bag more accessible to more people to enjoy.

Some sizing tips:

If you wear a size XS-M I would recommend opting for the shorter strap, as you’ll be able to utilize the bag around your waist or for a tight fitting bag across your chest. If you wear a L-XXL on top I would recommend opting for the longer strap. If you are on the fence and feel like you are in between, consider how you’d like to wear the bag - over bulky coats, around your waist, looser fitting, snug fitting, etc.

Another change we made was to the lining. I am in love with the luxe cotton beige fabric we found and is utilized in all three of our color options. This lighter color will make it easy to spot things inside your bag, compliments the leather colors well, and just looks so chic.

And finally, we looked at each stitch, the zipper pull, the straps, the loops, and D rings to make sure everything was done intentionally to give you the very best product.

I can’t wait for you to get your Sling Bag. It will be life changing!

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