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October Capsule Days 18-24

Here is a recap of my outfits from days 18-24 of my October Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. I was out of town from the 20th-22nd on a quick girls trip where we mostly wore activewear and loungewear, bu...
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October Capsule Days 11-17

Here's a recap of what I wore October 11th - October 17th. I took the day off on the 16th to wear loungewear, so there are only six outfits listed below. :) A little over halfway through the month ...
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October Capsule Days 1-10

Here's a recap of what I wore through the first 10 days of my October Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. So far I've worn 14 of the 31 pieces I chose! All of the links to the clothes are on this post and ...
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October 31x31 Capsule Style Challenge

  With October just around the corner, it is the perfect time for me to try this capsule wardrobe experiment. I chose 31 pieces because there are 31 days in October, but this isn't a magic number b...
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Building A Capsule Wardrobe

Over the past couple of years, I've been working on simplifying my wardrobe and incorporating my personal belief that investing in quality over quantity is better (both for me and for the world). I...
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5 Outfits for Transitioning to Fall

As we're nearing mid-August, I find myself thinking about fall fashion, especially those tricky transitional temps when we aren't quite ready to put away our sandals, but still might need some laye...
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My Trip to East Africa, Part 2: Tanzania

continued from Part 1... Day 4: Arusha I took an Uber to Kenyatta International Airport where I boarded my flight to Kilimanjaro airport. The flight is no more than 40 minutes take off to touch dow...
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